Stay Safe Online – what to do with old computers and latest scams to watch out for

Stay Safe Online – what to do with old computers and latest scams to watch out for

What do you do with old computers?

We do try and fix most computers but, let’s face it, there comes a time when you really do need a more up-to-date computer with more space and new software; it will work much faster and interact better with other software.

Recently we’ve received a few really old computers that customers had had lying around for ages. The hard drive needs wiping properly so there is no data that could be retrieved by unscrupulous people.  If you are happy to leave the computer with us, we do this for free and recycle the computer.  Much safer and better than going for scrap.  We can provide a certificate to prove that the hard drive has been properly formatted and is clean of data. Give us a call 01948 840102

Current scams

I recently received an email purportedly from ‘’ with a payment advice attached requesting me to acknowledge receipt of the payment.  Outlook had blocked the attachment – so I was warned this was a scam.  But scammers are getting much better at impersonating businesses so be very careful, read things properly and don’t ever click on attachments or links.  You can now report scams with the Which? Scam Sharer Tool here:

HSBC email

Thanks to @Revolutapp for this tax scam warning:  Scammers and fraudsters call you claiming to be HMRC. They offer you a rebate once you pay a fee, or by pretending you have to urgently pay a fine or you’ll be arrested. To make it worse, these criminals can also change their phone numbers to make it look like you’re getting a genuine call from HMRC. They may even ask you to check the number online to validate it and build your trust.

If you’re contacted by someone claiming to be from HMRC or the Police, hang up and contact them independently via the contact numbers listed on

UK Government banking account sort codes are 08-32-XX – If the payment you’re making isn’t to this Sort Code, it’s highly likely it’s a scam

Thanks to for this warning about malicious QR codes.  QR codes can help you buy tickets, speed up logins and streamline software installation.  But, criminals can clone a QR code or they can place their own QR codes over legitimate ones, so, when you scan a code, how can you be sure it will take you to a legitimate website?  Fortunately, Sophos have created a free app called ‘Sophos Mobile Security’ that will scan QR codes and tell you if the site they’re sending you to is safe or not. As QR codes are increasingly being used for payments, this could prove really useful software.

QR code

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Published in the April edition of the Whitchurch Gossip