Stay Safe Online thanks to @sophos for this warning about malicious QR codes

Thanks to @sophos for this warning about malicious QR codes.

QR stands for Quick Response and QR codes were originally developed by the Japanese as a quick, machine-readable way to store information about a particular item – a more efficient, more data-rich version of the barcode.

They can help you buy tickets, speed up logins and streamline software installation.  But, criminals can clone a QR code or they can place their own QR codes over legitimate ones, so, when you scan a code, how can you be sure it will take you to a legitimate website?

Fortunately, Sophos have created a free app called ‘Sophos Mobile Security’ that will scan QR codes and tell you if the site they’re sending you to is safe or not. As QR codes are increasingly being used for payments, this could prove really useful software.