Stay Safe Online – Blocking nuisance calls and latest scams

Stay Safe Online – Blocking nuisance calls and latest scams

We had a client recently who brought in an old laptop – he had forgotten the password and he wanted to access some photos on it.  We reset the password for him – but as the computer was using Windows 7, we also asked if he would like the laptop updated to Windows 10 so he could use it securely on the internet.  So, we took off all the files, installed windows 10, reinstalled his files and checked everything was working properly.

Our client was delighted – a computer that he thought was defunct is working perfectly – for half the price of a new computer.  Even if your old computer is not worth fixing, we can securely wipe the hard drive so it can be safely recycled, just give us a call.

Thanks to for advice on blocking nuisance calls on your mobile.

It’s easy to block individual numbers on your iPhone or Android:

On an iPhone:

  • In the Phone app, tap Recents, then tap the Information icon next to the number or contact you want to block. Scroll down and tap Block This Caller.
  • In the FaceTime app, tap the Info icon next to the number, contact, or email address you want to block, then scroll down to tap Block This Caller.
  • In the Messages app, open the conversation with the contact you want to block, then tap the contact at the top, then tap the Info button, scroll down, and tap Block This Caller.It’s straightforward to block numbers on an Android phone, too, but the method does differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • On a stock Android device, like Google’s Pixel phones, open the Phone app and tap on the Recent tab. Long-press the number you want to block and tap Block/report spam. You can choose whether to uncheck the box marked Report call as spam and then tap Block.
  • On a Samsung Phone, open the Phone app and go to Recents, tap the number you want to block, then tap Details and Block.

Once a caller is blocked, you won’t get notifications when they call or send a message, but they won’t be able to tell that they have been blocked and will still be able to leave voicemails. You can review and unblock callers anytime.

Current scams

We’re still getting spam emails trying to get us to click on links to track missed parcel deliveries:

scam email

Note the strange email address <> which gives you a clue it’s a scam!

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