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Stay Safe Online – Thanks to @Revolutapp for this tax scam warning

Scammers and fraudsters call you claiming to be HMRC. They offer you a rebate once you pay a fee, or by pretending you have to urgently pay a fine or you’ll be arrested. To make it worse, these criminals can also change their phone numbers to make it look like you’re getting a genuine call from HMRC. If you’re contacted by someone claiming to be from HMRC or the Police, hang up and contact them independently via the contact numbers listed on www.gov.uk

Stay Safe Online – another GOV.UK scam email

Stay Safe Online – another GOV.UK scam email


We received another email today which looked like it had been sent from HMRC.  How can you tell that it’s not from GOV.UK?

scam email

Apart from the fact that the English is not quite right (to have your tax refund creditED to your bank account), if you hover over ’GOV.UK’ you can see that if you clicked on it, you would be sent to ‘usuprint.com’

scam email

and if you actually did click on it, your anti-virus software should warn you that the link is dangerous ‘deceptive site ahead’.

website warning

And if you hover over ‘Sign in to HMRC online services self assessment’ you will see that the link will take you to ‘nagata-k.net’


scam email link

If you do accidentally click on a link – don’t enter any personal information, passwords or usernames – and if your computer starts acting strange, turn it off and ring us – advice is free 01948 840102