Stay Safe Online – identifying scams

Stay Safe Online – identifying scams

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John, Logan and Dane Rainford


How can you tell if an email is a scam?  This email looked like it had been sent from HMRC.  How can you tell it’s not from GOV.UK?

scam email

Apart from the fact that the English is not quite right (to have your tax refund creditED to your bank account), if you hover over ’GOV.UK’ you can see that if you clicked on it, you would be sent to ‘’ and if you actually did click on it, your anti-virus software should warn you that the link is dangerous ‘deceptive site ahead’.  And if you hover over ‘Sign in to HMRC online services self assessment’ you will see that the link will take you to ‘’ which is obviously nothing to do with our UK Government!  If you do accidentally click on a link – don’t enter any personal information, passwords or usernames – and if your computer starts acting strange, turn it off and ring us – advice is free 01948 840102


@NorthShropCops posted on Twitter:  Fraudsters pretending to be police are targeting people in Shropshire – if you receive a call from someone claiming to be police asking you to hand over or transfer money – hang up immediately.

There’s been an increase in Coronavirus vaccine scams – both text messages and emails which appear to come from the NHS and ask the recipient to click on a link to accept or decline an invitation to receive the coronavirus vaccine. If they click accept, they are asked to input personal information and their bank card details.

In the UK, coronavirus vaccines will only be available via the NHS and the vaccine is free of charge.  You can be contacted by the NHS, your employer, a GP surgery or pharmacy local to you, to receive your vaccine but you will never be asked for bank details, passwords or proof of identity.
In Shropshire the COVID helpline number is 0345 678 9028

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you are suspicious about an email – forward it to . Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to the number 7726 which is free of charge.  Find details of other recent scams here and on our Facebook page rainford-it- stay safe online and on our blog on our website.

We are still getting reports of emails saying domain names have expired – or hosting is running out – if you have all your IT in one place – domain names, website hosting, website and emails – it’s just one number to ring – 01948 840102 – for all your IT support.

Published in the March edition of the Whitchurch Gossip