Stay Safe Online Facebook Warning

Facebook Warning:

Facebook scam

A familiar scenario:  “I got a message on Facebook saying ‘I saw you in this video’ so I clicked on the video link and my computer asked for my email address and password.  I typed my password in but it didn’t work, so I tried another one, then I gave up.  Then I got messages on Facebook from people I didn’t know and I began to panic.  I thought I had been hacked, my computer had viruses, criminals knew my passwords, I was worried they had access to my bank account.  I closed my Facebook account and asked for help.”

If this happens to you – and it’s really very easy to click on something accidentally – or without thinking – then don’t panic.  If you’re on a phone or an Ipad – or a Mac – then you are less likely to have virus problems.  If you have decent anti-virus software on your PC then you should be OK – if not then you need to get your computer checked out – turn it off and ring us.

If you have typed in passwords, then any accounts that use those passwords need to be changed.  Using a different computer, log in to those accounts and click on ‘change password’.  Your banking is separate and, unless you typed in pin numbers or passcodes then your banking is safe.  Change the password associated with your email address.  Put a message on Facebook to warn friends that there is a fake video going around and not to click on the link.


Before you forget – record exactly what happened, what questions were asked and what you typed in, and anything strange that happened with your computer – like if it started downloading anything  – which will help us figure out what happened and how to put it right.

If you’re unsure – ring us – advice is free!  01948 840102  #staysafeonline