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We’ve had a few reports recently of phone calls from people pretending to be from BT – and you may well have contacted BT recently about something so automatically think they are real – until they start asking for personal information. If in doubt, take their name and phone number – check the phone number online – and ring back from a different phone (sometimes they stay on the line).

This scam email really had me worried – but I did immediately note that the address the email came from: [email protected] is nothing to do with So I searched for the phone number 0300 200 3700 on Google – and it did indeed link to– BUT when I searched for the reference number I found this website::


which said:

“All the alleged senders, amounts, reference numbers, Bank codes, companies, … email addresses and phone numbers mentioned in the emails are all random. Some of these companies will exist and some won’t. Don’t try to respond by phone or email, all you will do is end up with an innocent person or company who have had their details spoofed and picked at random from a long list that the bad guys have previously found. The bad guys choose companies, Government departments and organisations with subjects that are designed to entice you or alarm you into blindly opening the attachment or clicking the link in the email to see what is happening.”

Whatever you do – don’t open the attachment! And never click on any links in emails unless you are absolutely sure they are legitimate.

If you do have a problem – or are worried at all – turn off the computer and ring us – advice is free!

Rainford-IT are part of Strawberry Fields – Nominet Channel partners and Cisco network partners. We register and renew domain names. We manage our own servers, email, IT and website hosting. We can fix most hardware – including I-phones and I-pad – and recover data. We design and program e-commerce websites – or simple websites, we create videos, take professional photos, make bespoke music, write blogs, and create WordPress websites you can update yourself. It’s a family business and we provide a personal service.

Staying Safe Online Feb 2019

Staying Safe Online Feb 2019

Staying Safe Online Feb 2019

We had a phone call recently from an elderly man who said:  “We’ve just had a problem with our computer that was described in your article – your ‘stay safe online’ alarm bells rang and we’ve turned the computer off – can you fix it?”

We removed over 700 viruses from his computer, along with some malware and programs he hadn’t downloaded and didn’t know he had.  We repaired the damaged files and his computer is working perfectly now – and a lot faster without all that junk slowing it down! 

Never use Facebook to log into anything – i.e. don’t click on links from Facebook – if you are interested in a product – type in the website address yourself so you can check it is a secure site – shown by little green icon in the task bar:

If your website doesn’t have that little green icon – it needs an SSL Certificate (secure socket layer) which verifies the identity of the company that owns the website.  And, if your website has not been updated in the last year, there may also be some security issues that need attention.  Websites with outdated code are liable to be hacked – and – if this happens – your website will very likely be taken down by your hosting company until it is secure.  An SSL certificate should only cost around £50.

Another scam we heard about recently was about a website design company who took stage payments but never did any work – they never even registered the domain name for the client.  This company was based in Cornwall but had come recommended so when stage payments were requested they were paid.  When no progress was made on the website the customer became concerned, but the designer pleaded illness, and the client felt sorry for him – until she found out that other customers were being sent the same emails – and it was a complete scam.  Always check credentials properly before paying up front – better still – use a local business. 

Rainford-IT are part of Strawberry Fields – Nominet Channel partners and Cisco network partners.  We manage our own servers, email, IT and website hosting.  We can fix most hardware – including I-phones and I-pads.  We can design and program e-commerce websites – or simple websites, we create videos, take professional photos, create bespoke music, write blogs, and create WordPress websites you can update yourself.  It’s a family business and provides personal service.

Any questions?  Ring us – advice is free. You can also check out our website for the latest scams – including 22 Android apps that kill your battery life, 22 hidden tricks inside Windows 10 and a new tech support scam.           01948 840102

Kwik Fit garages hit by computer virus – BBC News

Kwik Fit has confirmed that its computer network has been infected with malware, disrupting its ability to book in vehicle repairs and handle other customer requests.

The car service specialist began telling customers that its IT systems had gone offline on Saturday, but initially indicated the issue had been rectified the same day.

It has since told the BBC that it is still experiencing some problems.

However, it declined to elaborate.

“We first experienced some issues with a virus in our IT network during the weekend,” said a spokeswoman.

“This affected a number of our systems but in the interest of ongoing security we can’t confirm the source of the problem.

“We have been working to get our operational systems back up and running normally and while there is still some disruption, our centres are open as usual.”

Several customers have sent messages to the firm via social media to express frustration.

The company declined to discuss what the motivation for the attack might be, but said that it did not believe its customers’ records had been affected.

“We can reassure customers that we do not store any of their financial information and currently have no reason to believe that any customer data was compromised,” said a spokeswoman.

“For security reasons we are not able to say anything else.”


Most companies that have technology as their focus usually (not always) lack a sense of what marketing or a brand is.  A logo and a website gives them a badge of authenticity – job done. As simple as this sounds, start-ups will certainly run with this scenario. Even worse they think that if they spontaneously produce a leaflet or brochure – it will lead to something that will get the people to use their technology or product.  I

They are often disappointed, but why?

One case I know of, actually believed that their technology product was so great – that people would flock to use it. A classic mistake that software developers or engineers make – is that they think they are selling to the converted (developers) so they use geeky language in their marketing pitch – which is of course designed by a limited approach in their thinking. The mindset is in ‘that head space’ so its difficult to articulate other messages than their brain is comfortable with. A software developer is a builder and his mindset is about building more software, not how he or she takes it to market. An accountant will always talk about saving money – not spending it. Unfortunately, we all are to some extent products of our own limitations as well as our aspirations.

The issue is that they they don’t have the marketing expertise in the first place and that is usually provided by the designer or website people who have no interest other than producing a logo or a website design and getting paid for it. You know the one –  with bells and whistles? It might cost a lot of money and it sure looks good, but does it compliment a co-ordinated attack to the right people in the right way?

Here is just 3 examples of what brand marketing is not;

A PR or Advertising firm will get us publicity.

Social media will get us the attention we need.

Videos will do the trick, we just need to show our wonderful technology or product.

Why – will become apparent. 

The focus on the product and what it does is not good enough when you are dealing with people, whats more if you are talking to the wrong people with the wrong message, you are screwed. Some news media will tell you that all publicity is good publicity – they are wrong. Ratners the jewellers were testament to that throwaway piece of bad advice. (the Managing Director said he thought his own products were junk).

The customer decides whether your business succeeds or dies, so we need to start our brand marketing campaign with the customer, and if you haven’t identified him or her – you are going to waste a lot of money finding out. You might say well we already know our customers, and my question would be, what proof do you have? And, are they the best type of customer? Successful Brand Marketing identifies the customers and finds out what drives them in the first place. Once you know that then you can devise a campaign that will target them and only them.

There is another ingredient that is essential in business, that of adapting quickly to responding clients. This is not about “the customer is always king ” as the marketing books will suggest, but more about why he is king in the first place. Why did he or she respond in a particular way? What can we learn by their responses? 

Many successful businesses learn that responding quickly and sometimes radically they may soon be selling a different type of service or product. This is why business plans set in stone don’t work.

We make too many assumptions about customer habits.

Simple question, who buys mens under-pance? In 90% of cases its the mother, or the girlfriend or spouse. This should alert you to the fact that we shouldn’t make too many assumptions about customer behaviour. Business people that think on their feet and make decisions which adaptive led are the successful ones. 

We need to understand customer profiles to find out what they are really looking for – this is brand marketing. It is called psychographic profiling in marketing jargon – but it essentially means know your customer, what motivates him or her to get out of bed in the morning. It involves behavioural insights. When do they respond, how do they respond, why do they respond the way they do.

Now we have a starting point – that we can have a campaign to start with.  How do we move from user to loyal user??

Brand Equity…

Believe it or not when you start a business, you have a strategy by default and accompanying that strategy is a brand which encompasses all of your communications. In whatever way you reach out to your customer, by phone, by talking, by communicating. How you engage with your customers is a communication strategy. 

If a business isn’t 100% sure of who is best customer is (he, she might have not met them yet). Then it needs to find out or plan to find out who that best customer is. Is it someone, anyone with disposable income or someone who might be a loyal customer who comes back? 

The first option can be termed a scatter gun approach, where you throw out your net wide and hope to pick up anyone or the second approach is to create loyal followers – they are usually very discerning people – or certainly they know what they are looking for. 

You should always be conscious that you building a business and building a clientele. The reason this is important is that the more information you have about your customers profiles and preferences the more value you have in your business. This means that if you come to sell it, its value is recorded. All of the sales and customer relationship details are the assets of the company.  If you don’t have these details then your business is worth nothing. 

Brand Equity represents the building blocks of your companies standing in the market place and it has a value that you should be conscious of all of the time. If your employees or partners diverge from your brand communications you need to wary that the value of your brand and your company could be compromised.