Stay Safe Online – Scams to Watch Out for

Microsoft Scam Warning

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In the last issue of the Gossip magazine, we warned about a Microsoft Scam – and we soon found out that these phone calls are still happening – as we had a call from a very relieved customer who had, thankfully, read our article in last month’s Gossip.  He said that he received a phone call saying that there was a problem with his computer and they wanted access to resolve it – but when they mentioned ‘Microsoft’, alarm bells rang and he put the phone down. We were delighted that someone had taken the time to ring and thank us – and we are really glad that our articles are helping people.

If you do get caught, don’t worry, we have lots of technical expertise to bypass a block, reset passwords and remove malicious programs, viruses and spyware.  Even if we can’t fix your computer (sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new computer), we can usually recover all your data and reinstall it along with all your programs.

If you run a business, we can be your online IT support department, that way, you can spend your valuable time on your business – not sorting out IT problems, designing websites, and chasing people when your email doesn’t work – all your IT in one place – one phone call away – with personal service.

We can register a domain name directly with Nominet (we are members), create a website for you, update your existing website, host your website on our servers and set up email.  We can also help with marketing your business – YouTube videos, Google reviews, and help with social media.  This all comes with free advice on security and keeping your data backed up safely.

Coronovirus scams – people have been receiving texts, emails and phone calls claiming to be from HMRC and offering financial support as a result of coronavirus.  Don’t click on any links and don’t give any personal information, name, credit card or bank details.

Facebook PayPal scams – there have been lots of reports recently of people receiving requests through Facebook Messenger from friends and family asking to use their Pay Pal account to receive funds from the sale of items on EBay.  They say they are unable to use their own PayPal account for some reason.  Funds are received, but, after the payment is repaid into an account controlled by the fraudster, the original payment is reversed.  Very clever.  Don’t be taken in – speak to your friend or relative personally before sending any money.

What to do if you are suspicious – end the call and turn off your computer – and ring us – 01948 840102 – advice is free – tell us what happened, and we can help stop other people falling for the same scam.

Published in the September edition of the Whitchurch Gossip