Rainford-IT Stay Safe Online Webinar – Your Questions Answered

Rainford-IT Stay Safe Online Webinar – Your Questions Answered

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Great webinar on Tuesday, lots of interesting questions, talking about passwords:

What’s the best way to ensure that my data is secure?”

We discussed what constitutes a safe password, the usefulness of password managers and what to do if you get locked out of your computer. Explaining about data encryption – it’s a very secure way of storing your data and making sure it’s safe from prying eyes – BUT you must make sure you save that password somewhere safe because no-one can unscramble your data without it!

“What is a safe password?”

We talked about how important it is to have secure passwords – ideally at least 8 characters long that include a capital letter, a number and a symbol – especially important for your email password – as if someone hacks that – they can access an awful lot of other things too. For your email password, it’s a good idea to have Two Factor Authentication using free software such as Authy  – but again – you must never forget this password.  It’s also important to have different passwords – if you use the same password for everything – if one is hacked – they all are.

Another question about passwords:  “If I’ve forgotten my password, can you access my computer?”  Yes – usually we can do a password reset – but it depends on the device and how it is set up.  Generally – with your permission – we can fix anything – it just depends on how long it takes whether it’s worth it or not.

Even the most clever people can fall victim to scams – if you are distracted when you answer the phone – you might not be listening properly and go along with instructions without thinking.  You might not be concentrating properly and accidentally click on a link in an email.  If that happens, put down the phone, turn off your computer – or unplug it.

Under normal circumstances of course you should shut down your computer properly – but under these circumstances, just run it off as fast as possible – and ring us – advice is free.

The next webinar will be on Tuesday 11th August at 2.00 pm, contact us for the link to join – and send us your questions.