The Problem with Encryption Software

Stay Safe Online – The Problem with Encryption Software

Don’t install BitLocker unless you use a password manager.

We had a client who had installed the newest version of Office 365 on their laptop – which then wanted to enable (install) BitLocker – and created a random 10 digit access code.

With the new Office 365, when you turn your computer on, BitLocker asks for a password – before the normal Windows password – so you have to have 2 passwords just to get into your computer.

If you type the password incorrectly 3 times, it locks you out and won’t accept the original password – it gives you a link on the screen to a website to get a recovery key.  And you need your Office 365 credentials to get back in.

If you haven’t saved everything safely, the only option is to factory reset the computer – which means you lose all your data.

So, if you install BitLocker on your computer, make absolutely sure that you have safely saved the random 10 digit number it creates – another reason to use password manager software.

(BitLocker is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes – when people travel, the confidential information on their laptop goes with them and BitLocker helps protect this date from unauthorised access.)