Stay Safe Online May 2019

Stay Safe Online

Find details of the latest scams on 

Fraudsters targeting online gamers

Alert: Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in new sextortion scam

Victims report losing over £200,000, as fraudsters claim to be from TV Licensing

This is one of the emails:

Note the email address this came from:

TVLicensing™<[email protected]> <[email protected]>

whereas emails from the official authority are from [email protected]

I also received a scam email at the time that my licence was due for renewal from TV-License <[email protected]> asking me to renew at

Beware also of look-alike websites that offer official services – have had so many complaints that they have posted this notice on their website:

We do not endorse Licence Plus ( or any sites offering TV Licensing services. There is no link between any of these sites and the official TV Licensing website: Plus may charge you an additional fee for buying a TV Licence or changing your details. These are services that we provide for free.Some customers have reported to us that Licence Plus does not always carry out the service they promised, or there is a delay in doing so.

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