How many hours has humanity spent collectively staring at Steam’s familiar grey interface? It’s time for a change. Fortunately you can reskin your Steam client with user-made varieties that change the look and feel of Steam’s familiar tabs. A new skin can be a great improvement, and they’re very easy to install.

Let’s run through the process first, before moving on to our favourite skins on page two.

Steam Download

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This is an alternate sound pack for the TeamSpeak 3 Client recorded by the great Jon St. John himself. Customize your favorite voice communication software and get the “Duke” feeling to your TeamSpeak sessions with theese unique sounds.

Who is Jon?

Jon St. John is an American voice actor and singer. He has done the voices for various video games and is probably best known for being the voice of Duke Nukem in all of the Duke Nukem games from 1995 onwards, starting with Duke Nukem 3D.

Bring the the voice of Duke Nukem, John St. John, to your TeamSpeak 3 Client with this new special sound pack.

Duke Nukem TS download


Star Wars: The Old Republic – Sith Skin-

I made this skin for our guild members and skinned it after our guild THE SITH ORDER. There is nothing tied to our guild so it it a Sith skin.

Leave comments if you like the skin.

If you are going to play SWTOR and would like to join our guild, apply to our guild using the link below:


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