Stay Safe Online – new computer set up, safe hosting, latest scams

Stay Safe Online

So, last month we had a power cut – only for a few seconds – but it upset my desktop computer which promptly decided it had had enough and simply refused to turn back on again – so I had to have a new computer.  Panic – how was I going to find the right computer and install all my programs and data, emails, bookmarks – the list was endless – and the task was daunting.

A week later and I have a new laptop (more expensive than a desktop but more practical as it’s much more portable).  All my programs have been installed – including Microsoft Office, Teams and Sage.  Outlook is set up with all my emails and all my data (previously safely stored on the cloud) has been reinstalled and now saves automatically.  And my old computer has had all the data on the hard drive securely wiped so I can safely dispose of it.

We can recommend a new computer if you need one – one that suits your needs (I don’t play games on mine so need a different spec to our teenagers) and the best place to purchase one.  We can take all your data off your old computer (even if it’s stopped working like mine did) and install it on your new one.

Because we create websites for businesses, we also manage our own servers and are members of, the domain registry for all domain names, so we can easily register domain names and keep them on our servers ready to link to the completed website.

I therefore have a schedule of all the domain names we manage which is checked regularly.  So if I get emails asking for ‘urgent’ payment for renewal of a domain name, I know these are scams – and, likewise, I know that messages about hosting running out and websites disappearing are hoaxes.  But it can be worrying if you are not absolutely sure where your website is hosted and when your domain renewal is due.  If you receive any of these emails and are not sure, you can do a ‘WHOIS’ search online – or ring us and we can check for you.

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Current scams

Even The Consumers Association (Which?) has been targeted by scammers sending out emails in their name offering the chance to play a game and win an M&S gift voucher and other prizes by clicking through to ‘EncashOffers’ (a deals, competitions and cashback site).  EncashOffers is investigating and looking at measures to prevent fraudulent use of their name.

I am still getting phone calls on our landline purporting to be from Microsoft.  Criminals can now spoof their phone number to make it look like you’re receiving a call from a genuine organisation.  If in doubt, hang up and call the organisation directly using a number you’ve personally found.

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Published in the September edition of the Whitchurch Gossip