Stay Safe Online: Which? warn about phishing emails – scammers are getting more clever

Stay Safe Online – Scam Phishing emails – how to spot them and what to do about them

Current Scams

This text message nearly got me – I couldn’t remember ordering anything so I checked with the lads – yep – it’s a scam.

If I had ordered anything from Parcelforce, they would already have all my details so there would be no need to enter any information in order to retrieve my parcel

If you had ordered something – you can always check by typing ‘parcelforce’ into Google and getting the real parcelforce website

Which? Warn about scam phishing emails – scammers are getting more clever – and they can now replicate the sender email address so it looks like the message has come from a trusted source such as a bank or government domain.  Watch out for warning signs:

  • Is the email generic (not addressed to you personally)?
  • Is it requesting personal information?
  • Is it asking for a payment?
  • Is it asking you to download a file?
  • Is it asking you to click on a link?

You can hover over a link to see where it will take you and you can then see that it is a fake website.

What to do:  You can mark the email as junk so it goes into your spam folder, which will help train your email filters to recognise it as spam – and you can also report it to:

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Published in the July edition of the Whitchurch Gossip